Best Mobile VR Headset 2017

There are so many possibilities you can do with a VR set and gaming is just one of them. VR sets have evolved over the years and it’s only now that these devices came into mainstream grasp. If you want to ride the hype, buying a good pair of VR can help you not miss out on the fun.

However, not all VR sets are able to handle specific functions such as letting you play intense VR games. Some of the best mobile VR headset 2017 is designed for other functions. These devices have something to offer for all ages. Check out the best VR mobile headsets of 2017 below:

It’s relatively inexpensive than other models on the list. This features top quality Bluetooth remote control for games. It can fit snugly on the eyes and nose so fatigue from wearing it long hours will not be a problem. It also comes with some built-in side controls for additional optical adjustment.

Merge VR
Have built-in touch inputs so no need for purchasing an extra controller that cost you extra money, unlike other VR sets. It can cater to multiple sizes of phones. Its internal cooling system ensures wearing the set won’t get you uncomfortably sweaty.

Pasonomi 3D
This set focused on user comfort while maintaining sound VR functionality. However, the set does not come with extra controllers for specific games or games that use more than aiming mechanics. You can wear your sunglasses inside it and it accommodates large phones.

Bnext 3D VR
A common problem with VR sets how much strain the nose and eyes take during usage. This model addresses those problems but sacrifices a bit of some technical functionality. This model focuses on user comfort while wearing the set and it does it so well. The straps fit snugly and come with a comfy foam to cushion your head with the device. If you don’t mind the lack of zooming settings limited phone interface, then this VR set might be what you’re looking for.

Google Daydream View It works across multiple smartphone devices. However, this model lacks compatibility for most games and is good for viewing movies rather than gaming. It’s lightweight so neck, eye, and nose fatigues will not be a problem when wearing it for long hours.

Oculus Rift
This list would never be complete without the Oculus Rift being mentioned. It delivers true to what it advertised when leading the gamers into intense immersion with their gaming environment. A great device for enhancing your worst nightmares in horror games. The Oculus Rift makes use of handheld touch controllers which give you a more natural feel for movement with your hands. Definitely a VR set of choice for gamers. (Make money with Ultimate Gambling System!)

PlayStation VR
Another candidate for a gaming VR set, though this one requires a PlayStation Camera to support the set. However, you can play the most intense and popular VR games. The controllers for this model are not difficult and intuitive to learn. You can customize the settings through the built-in buttons. Plus, it does not strain your neck muscles even after being worn for hours.…

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