Gambling on the FIFA World Cup has become an opportunity for habitual or problem gamblers to satisfy their needs in the close season, when usually the opportunity to bet on football matches would be drastically reduced. Except for those of you who enjoy betting on the obscure leagues. Yes, I’m looking at you, the person placing 5-fold accumulators on the Icelandic youth leagues.

There’s many organisations who have resources in place to help when you feel like your gambling, may become troubled gambling. Sites like Slots Baby and Wizard Slots work closely with the UK Gambling Commission and Gamble Aware to make sure that the help is there for you when you need it.

Many people like get their entertainment from playing online slots, but we understand that many of you love placing bets on the football. This article is designed to help you understand your habits throughout the World Cup and how to reduce your spending when the temptation can seem all too much. When you persuade yourself that the World Cup is a gambling treat.

Keep your Discipline, repress your excitement, reduce your sports betting

It’s very easy to get over-excited when the World Cup comes along, after all it only happens every four years. The World Cup not only means televised football throughout the summer, but it means buying sticker books as a grown man, four live games every day during working hours, Baddiel and Skinner, as well as the hope that just maybe, just maybe England will win the tournament.

fifa world cup

When your this excited your usual perceptions and disciplines can go out the window. Those betting limits you’ve been adhering to throughout the Premier League season have gone out the window and your now placing £10 in-play bets on Tunisia vs Panama. You know that deep down this is a bad idea, that the odds are never in your favour and even the World Cup isn’t kind enough to swing the odds.


In light of this, stay firm and disciplined and stick to your depositing limits, maybe set yourself some special World Cup deposit limits, allow yourself to gamble only on England and not every single group game, or maybe limit yourself to only the group stages of the tournament. After all, nobody wins money during the knockout stages, it’s too hard to predict.

Let the spectacle of the World Cup be your sole entertainment

The World Cup only comes around every four years so let’s enjoy it for what it is. A global spectacle where all the best teams and best players come together and compete to become world champions of football. The current tournament will be held in Russia, a first for the country. This means you can get on bored with the culture, learn about the stadiums, invest your time in the football. Stick to your depositing limits and enjoy the greatest competition in the world. Visit Homepage for more..